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Sunra's Story


Hi Dimitri here, thanks for visiting my website and listening to my music. Music has always been my passion since childhood. When I was 21 i got introduced to Shamanic Trancedance and the Shamanic path in general. When I was 22 I started a teacher training to become a Trancedance facilitator.  The past 2 decades I learned alot about the healing aspects of music, dance and how to create a safe and sacred space.

From 2011 till 2015 I organized many Shamanic Trancedance Rituals in Belgium and around Europe.

From 2016 I started co-creating Ecstatic Dance in Belgium. Where I continued to share my passion for music and dance as DJ Mantradeli. That time I played more than 200 Ecstatic Dance Dj sets in Belgium, Netherlands and Europe. The Ecstatic Dance practice learned me alot about music and sound in general but I always knew that time would come to start producing my own music. 

After that SUNRA PROJECT was born. It combines ethnic rhythms, mystical melodies and tribal atmospheres. The creation process happens in deep connection with Mother Earth, the Elements of Nature and my helping Spirit Guides.

This music is specially created for conscious dance practices around the world like Ecstatic Dance, Movement Medicine, Shamanic Trancedance, 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, yoga and more.

Enjoy the music and thanks for your support!

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